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Promptly is a software platform made for specialty practices to drive patient engagement, automate tedious workflows, and accelerate revenue growth. With Promptly, practices and their patients experience the conveniences and outcomes of today’s modern technology while consolidating the plethora of disparate systems available in the marketplace.

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More Time For Patients. More Time With Patients.

To modernize in today’s consumer and review oriented market you need engagement technology that makes your practice look serious but also creates efficiencies for your practice. Promptly can do these things. Promptly helps you create a well-balanced patient experience that you will be proud of.

Patient Engagement Made Easy

Patients come first.
Your patients can seamlessly interact with your practice no matter their comfort level with technology.

Practice efficiency.
Promptly offers innovative features to significantly reduce the strain that has been put on your staff such as the automated waitlist to fill cancelled appointments.

Enhance the Patient Experience

Promptly is a fully contactless system with automated patient communication through Text Messages, Emails and Interactive Voice Response Messages. Based on the patient’s preferences you can send appointment reminders, post-appointment messages, patient recalls, send patient balances and more..

Increase Your Clinic’s Productivity

The Automated Waitlist ensures that your providers never have an unexpected opening on their schedule. Whenever a patient cancels an appointment, Promptly automatically starts contacting waitlist patients to fill the open appointment slot. Our innovative Smart Scheduling tool lets patients self schedule while following your practice's unique workflow.

Save Money on Every Transaction While Increasing Revenue

Take advantage of Promptly’s guaranteed lower processing rates for all credit card transactions that take place throughout your practice. Watch your revenue increase with automated past due balance reminders and online payment options with fewer barriers that will post directly to your Practice Management system.

It’s All About Multiple Touchpoints in One Software.

“What first piqued my interest was Promptly’s automation tools as they would help support my staff and eliminate the effort needed when it comes to training and re-training our employees on our complex processes. What made it a no-brainer was seeing the cost savings we would be able to achieve by consolidating multiple vendor solutions into one robust platform.”

Chuck Williamson Jr.
Administrator at Williamson Eye
promptly features

Automated Waitlist

Promptly’s automated waitlists will ensure that canceled appointments are filled quickly without putting added strain on your staff. Based on your parameters, Promptly will alert patients either on the waitlist or with future appointments about the newly open timeslot and automatically fill the cancelled appointment slot once confirmation is received.

Patient Cost Estimator

Calculate patient out-of-pocket costs using data from payer contracts, physician and facility fees, historical charge data, and the patient’s benefit information. Avoid patient frustration by being clear with medical procedure costs so there is no confusion when they get the bill.

Real-Time Eligibility Checks

Promptly offers real time insurance eligibility checks to provide necessary information such as patient co-pay, pre-authorization, deductible, deductible remaining, referral requirements, in-network and out-of-network status and more in an easy to navigate dashboard.

E-Sign Intake Forms

Patients can easily update their demographic information, sign consent forms and more with our simple HIPAA compliant e-sign intake forms. Promptly can email your patients their forms in advance for contactless intake and efficiency.

Frictionless Payments

Patients can instantly pay any outstanding balances or pre-pay for their upcoming visit using their Credit/Debit Card or Virtual Wallets. Significantly speed up patient collections, reduce the unnecessary cost of mailing statements, and provide your patients with a convenient way to pay their balance.

Smart Scheduling

Promptly’s innovative Appointment Request Decision Tree allows patients to answer simple questions that will properly triage the patient to determine the type of appointment they are looking to schedule and which location, physician, date and time best fit their needs.

Inbound/Outbound Referral Portal

Simplify communication with your referral network, quickly transfer patient documents/demographics/images, and have new patient appointments scheduled directly to your Practice Management system. Save time, effort, and money as your referral management process receives a much-needed upgrade to modern technology.

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What Our Clients Say

As a large management services organization that serves over 100 providers across multiple states, we require solutions that are adaptable to meet our needs. We need a partner that is constantly finding ways to improve the functionality of their products. The Promptly team has been a true partner to us, working to meet our needs to enhance their solution that has brought significant value to our entire platform and the providers we serve.

Jonathan Lujan, M.S., M.B.A.
CEO of Sight Growth Partners

If the past few years have shown us anything, it’s that your practice has to be prepared for all challenges, obstacles, and evolutions that come with delivering quality care at a modern medical practice. Having a technology partner like the Promptly team has helped our clients  tremendously and the value they have provided is something they appreciate every day.

Randy Marsden
President, MarsdenAdvisors.

When considering a technology vendor for our practice, the most important qualities I look for are customer support and their ability to adapt. The Promptly Team has been a true partner with our practice, and their ability to be proactive towards the changes in the market have kept our practice a step ahead of the curve while helping us facilitate the exceptional experience that our guests have come to know, love, and expect from Team Boling.

Hayley Boling, MBA, COE
Chief Executive Officer, Boling Vision Center & INSIGHT Surgery Center
Vice President, ASOA
Board Member, OWL

Promptly’s ability to automate different areas of our practice to meet patient demand has been a real game-changer for the business end of our practice. We’ve accelerated payment collections while reducing costs from significant redundancy of effort from our staff. Our patients also appreciate how Promptly adapts to their preferences depending on how they would like to interact with the practice.

James Smith, CPA JD
Chief Executive Officer of  Utah Eye Center
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