Promptly Check-In App

A Complete, Contactless Check-In Solution for Your Practice

Learn About the Feature-Rich Promptly Check-In App

With new health measures and protocols being introduced to your practice, having an efficient, easy-to-use, and safe check-in option for your patients is extremely important. Promptly is a HIPAA compliant check-in app that allows patients the convenience of completing all the necessary tasks associated with the front desk from the comfort of their own mobile device.

Built-In Telemedicine

Remote patient interaction with detailed encounter and image reporting that will sync to your EHR.

Smart Scheduling

Guide patients to easily schedule the correct type of appointment without having to call the practice.

Automated Eligibility Checks

Automated, real-time confirmation of your patients' co-pay, co-insurance and deductibles.

E-Sign Intake Forms

Patients can easily update demographic information and sign consent, registration and other intake forms with one touch.

Frictionless Patient Payments

Payments can be made directly from Promptly and will be instantly deposited to the practice's account.

Push Notification & Geolocation Alerts

Real-time push notifications based on geolocation will alert patients about appointment details, required forms and status updates to keep patients in the loop at all times.

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Why Choose Promptly?


Started by the Kapur family who are builders of various successful electronic healthcare software platforms including electronic medical records, practice management systems, ambulatory surgery center softwares, patient portals & optical point of sale solutions.


Strong roots in the medical field and respect by various medical professionals.


Over 25 years of software design experience.

What Sets Promptly Apart?

There are key features of the Promptly check-in app that set us apart from our competitors:

  • Pay now functionality
  • Appointment requests
  • One flat rate per provider with no additional fees

Kiosk Provides Contactless Check-In & Payment Options

To ensure your clinic can provide Promptly’s ease-of-use to your entire patient population, Promptly’s Kiosk App will allow practices to offer their patients who may not have smartphone capabilities a self-service check-in option that will compliment the practice’s flow. The Promptly Kiosk works on any Android or iOS tablet device, and brings patients the same level of safety and convenience to update their personal information, check-in for their appointment, and pay their balances.

An App Your Patients Will Want to Use!

Promptly was created to help improve the patient check-in experience as well as simplify process with practice staff. The Promptly app will:

  • Completely contactless, COVID-19 friendly check-in process
  • Make check-in easier for patients & staff
  • Free up more time for practice staff
  • Improve clinical care & enhance safety measures
  • Help optimize profits
  • Compatible with all iOS and Android devices

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